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Real Estate Transaction Coordinators


Why Hire a TC

With hiring a TC, your clients will be happier, homes will be sold faster, and you’ll be able to better leverage your own business. TC’s have been proven to increase profitability of the agent by relieving the agent of administrative responsibilities so they can focus time on prospecting, networking and growing their business. Transaction Coordinators offer assistance when you need it without having the responsibility of managing an employee. Working with a Transaction Coordinator allows you to better leverage your skill set so you can focus on what matters most.

You’ll certainly be happy you hired one!

Our Services

Obtain and review all contracts and documents to ensure accuracy and proper execution

Provide outstanding communication and best-in-class service to all parties involved in the transaction

Open escrow - introduce ourselves as your TC and confirm transaction timeline to all parties involved

➢ Closely monitor the contingency periods for contractual compliance for all parties involved

Submit all necessary documentation for broker file compliance

Provide regular transaction updates to all parties and reference any outstanding items

Send regular transaction status emails and advise the agent of pending deadlines (AVID, Termite, VP,etc.)

Confirm funding and accurate recording

Assist in all aspects of the “contract to close” process to get to closing

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Who We Work With


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