Is it required to have Flood Insurance in California?

It is not required to have flood insurance in California, but it is strongly recommended, especially if you live in a flood-prone area or have a mortgage on your property. Flooding can cause significant damage to homes and businesses, and the cost of repairing or rebuilding can be high. Flood insurance can help cover these costs and protect your financial investment in your home or business.


**It is important to note that most standard homeowners insurance policies do not cover flood damage, so it is essential to purchase a separate flood insurance policy if you want to be covered.

Flood insurance can affect your loan in several ways:

1. Required for some loans: If you live in a high-risk flo...


Is it a good time to sell or buy a home in the beginning of the year?

The beginning of the year can be a great time to buy or sell a home for several reasons!


For buyers, the start of the year can bring lower competition and more flexible sellers. Many people wait until later in the year to start their home search, so there may be fewer buyers competing for the same properties at the beginning of the year. This could lead to a better chance of getting your offer accepted and potentially negotiating a better price. Additionally, sellers who have their homes on the market at the beginning of the year may be more motivated to sell and may be more open to negotiating terms such as closing dates or other contingencies.

Starting the new year in a new home can also be ...


Discuss Home Insurance with your clients from the Get-Go!


As a Real Estate Agent, it is incredibly important to dive into the topic of Home Insurance with your clients right from the start, whether you are representing either a Buyer or a Seller. Understanding the average cost for Home Insurance Policies for the property is a significant part of the process and can be crucial for the sale/purchase, as the Buyer will most often not be able to obtain a mortgage without it.

There are many insurance companies that offer homeowner’s insurance. Make sure your clients know the details or the plans and what it does and does not cover – for example, homes in a High Fire Zone can be difficult to find coverage depending on the area. Floods and othe...


iBuyer vs. Traditional Realtor

As you may know, the most common way to sell and purchase a home would be through a Real Estate Agent. Now, thanks to the ever-changing technology and social media, sellers and buyers have a multitude of options when it comes to real estate transactions.

iBuyer is an online service marketed as a one-stop shop for selling your home which provides fast home sales without showings or listings. Cutting-edge technology such as iBuyer and trade-in schemes claim to save you money, time, and hassle. As good as that may sound, it raises the question: Is iBuyer the better alternative than the traditional realtor? What are the pros and cons to both?

Market Price

Listing your home on the market with a Rea...


A Shifting Market - Sellers in 2022

Sellers' desire to take advantage of the current market has been strong in 2022. Even with a slowing market, sellers have been in a great position to get top dollar for their homes.

This summer’s market is reflecting that the pandemic conditions are moving into the rearview mirror.

Here are a couple few important highlights from a recent report from

● 95% of sellers sold their property for more than they paid for it. Baby Boomers (who likely held their property for longer) saw the greatest share of equity.
● 92% of sellers who sold in the past three months did accept concessions, reflecting the shift towards a more buyer-friendly market.

Most sellers are currently accepting conc...


Why Hire A Transaction Coordinator or "TC?"

TC’s have been proven to increase profitability of the agent by relieving the agent of administrative responsibilities so they can focus time on prospecting, networking and growing their business. Transaction Coordinators offer assistance when you need it without having the responsibility of managing an employee. Working with a Transaction Coordinator allows you to better leverage your skill set so you can focus on what matters most.

Services TC's Provide:

  • Obtain and review all contracts and documents to ensure accuracy and proper execution

  • Provide outstanding communication and best-in-class service to all parties involved in the transaction

  • Open escrow - introduce ourselves as your TC and...


Is Your Property in a High Fire Zone?! Find out How!

Is the Property in a High Fire Zone?

Fire Hazard Severity Zones are areas in California that are prone to wildfires. These areas were first mapped in 1992 by the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE) to help officials, property owners, and builders better protect structures and infrastructure by identifying areas where the chance for wildfires is moderate to very high.

How to determine if your home is in a high fire zone

You can determine whether or not your home is located in a high fire severity zone by using California Fire Hazard Severity Zone Viewer to view California’s fire zone map. To see your specific property, click on the binocular icon on the left s...


AVID (Agent Visual Inspection Disclosure)

AVID (Agent Visual Inspection Disclosure)

We wanted to take a moment to give a few notes on how you can make sure your AVID is

complete and not missing a lot of the required information.

There are a few reasons why completing the AVID correctly is important.

1) Establishes compliance with Civil Code

2) If claim is made against broker, the AVID may refresh the agent’s memory of the

3) In lawsuit, may help establish agent credibility

“California law requires, with limited exceptions, that a real estate broker or salesperson
(collectively, “Agent) conduct a reasonably competent and diligent visual inspection of
reasonably and normally accessible areas of certain properties offere...