Is Your Property in a High Fire Zone?! Find out How!

Is the Property in a High Fire Zone?

Fire Hazard Severity Zones are areas in California that are prone to wildfires. These areas were first mapped in 1992 by the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE) to help officials, property owners, and builders better protect structures and infrastructure by identifying areas where the chance for wildfires is moderate to very high.

How to determine if your home is in a high fire zone

You can determine whether or not your home is located in a high fire severity zone by using California Fire Hazard Severity Zone Viewer to view California’s fire zone map. To see your specific property, click on the binocular icon on the left side of the map and enter your address. Remember, however, that this map only shows SRAs with a moderate to very high fire hazard exposure and LRAs with very high exposure, as indicated by the legend to the right of the map. If your property is in an LRA with moderate or high exposure, this map won’t show it.

You can also determine if the property is in a high fire zone through the NHD report. If you are not certain the severity zone of the property you can always give the NHD company a call to ensure whether or not this property requires a Defensible Space Inspection.

What is Defensible Space?

Defensible space is the buffer created between a structure and the vegetation that surrounds it. This space is needed to slow up or stop the spread of wildfire and it helps protect structures from catching fire.

  1. Protects life by making the structure more survivable during an advancing wildfire

  2. Providing firefighters a safe space to work in to defending structures during fires

  3. Reduces the chances of a wildfire entering a structures

  4. Reduces the chances of a structure fire becoming wildfire

Defensible Space Inspection

Beginning July 1, 2021 California Assembly Bill 38 (AB-38) requires all homes sales in High or Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zones (FHSZ) to be compliant following a Defensible Space Inspection.

Fire Hardening and Defensible Space Disclosure and Addendum

Not all properties require a Defensible Space Inspection. If the home fits all three categories below, then one is required to adhere to the Defensible Space Law.

  • Only required for sellers of residential properties

  • Property contains one to four units

  • Property is located in either a high or very high fire hazard severity zone