AVID (Agent Visual Inspection Disclosure)

AVID (Agent Visual Inspection Disclosure)

We wanted to take a moment to give a few notes on how you can make sure your AVID is

complete and not missing a lot of the required information.

There are a few reasons why completing the AVID correctly is important.

1) Establishes compliance with Civil Code

2) If claim is made against broker, the AVID may refresh the agent’s memory of the

3) In lawsuit, may help establish agent credibility

“California law requires, with limited exceptions, that a real estate broker or salesperson
(collectively, “Agent) conduct a reasonably competent and diligent visual inspection of
reasonably and normally accessible areas of certain properties offered for sale and then
disclose to the prospective purchaser material facts affecting the value of desirability of that
property that the inspection reveals.”

If the Agent has agreed to perform an AVID, ALL reasonably accessible areas should be
visually inspected. There should be some kind of note on this document for each room that the
home has. If there were not any material defects or anything to note, that you can simply write,
“no visual discrepancies”, “no material defects”, “no items to note...etc.” These areas should
NOT be left blank. When a room or area is left blank it does not prove that area was even
inspected. The AVID should not have ‘good’, ‘fair’, ‘new’ or ‘N/A’ words for the visual inspection.
Even brand new construction will have something to note. It could be “limited street parking
available”, “noise from nearby train, “ongoing construction will cause noise, dust, and traffic”.
But it should not be blank.

Stay away from adjectives. You would not want to note, “Small stain”, or “large hole” for
example. These descriptions are subjective. What is a “small stain” to someone, can be a “large
washable spot” to another and not even a permanent stain. The agent is not to diagnose the
effects of these defects on the buyer; rather, the purpose is to list what they observe. Terms
like...“Mark on wall”, or “dent in stair rail at top of staircase” are great.

For more information on how to complete AVID from go to the link below: